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We invested in this NFT game "Cyberpop"

I asked myself,

Why invest in this blockchain game?

NFT Cyberpop

Reason: Team

1. Ubisoft:

The team's core members previously worked at Ubisoft Entertainment.

2. Tencent:

Before making this current NFT game, this team had successfully created a mobile online game, and it was acquired by Tencent and obtained a lot of revenue.

So they did not have any financing before, started making Cyberpop in March 2021.

3. 80% Completed:

Cyberpop development has been 80% completed, and it is expected to be tested online in February 2022.




Key information:

1. Q1 in 2022:

The token is scheduled to be launched on the exchange in the first quarter of 2022.

2. 10 months:

The unlocking time of the VCs is 10 months.

3. 40 people:

During our due diligence in the team's workplace, we watched approximately 40 people develop games diligently.

4. 1st round:

We participated in the first round of the private sale, and it was a low price.

NFT makes money:

1. Innovation:

Cyberpop combines many innovations such as NFT+, UGC, DAO, social finance, etc.

2. Mining and making money

The money-making model is in the game, and it combines the mining.

The summary:

1. Earn 10 times:

We hope that our investment has a very high return as a VC.

2. More investors:

Cyberpop is looking forward to having more excellent VCs participate. They have the ambition to make Cyberpop be a classic game like WOW.

Cyberpop is fundraising

· Cyberpop is fundraising. You can directly contact the project party and communicate if you are interested.

· Their E-mail:

· Their website:

December 30, 2021, in their Office A

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